Aubrey Loftus

Aubrey Loftus is an illustrator and designer, inspired by 1960's French films and glam rock. As a cofounder of Modern Misfits, Aubrey strives to create an atmosphere where great connections can be made among artistic female designers. She has been greatly inspired by the kindness of others, courageous women, and broken hearts. Her style can be described as cute with a touch of badass, and can be spotted wearing a leather jacket or a floral mini-dress, and spends her days perusing thrift stores for unique looks to add to her closet. 

Aubrey's line of clothing focuses mainly on Rock & Roll inspired t-shirts, funky pants, and embellished jackets. Drawing inspiration from the IDGAF attitudes of stars from days past, she hopes to share her strengths in letting go of past failures, following dreams, and living a full free life!