What's next?

Modern Misfits began about a year ago this month. After living, going to school, and working in Philadelphia, Maddie Highland, Camille Moser, and myself, Aubrey Loftus decided to act on some of the ideas we felt were wrong with the fashion world. In a small scale way, we believed we could touch upon things like the importance of recycling in the fashion, the need for the female mindset to change in society, and the great value of individuality. We had our first pop-up shop, TEENAGE DREAM, where we got to live just that. The dream of designing clothing and seeing them in a boutique style set-up and watch people share in our dreams and creations as well.

Over the past year, we've continued to practice these important concepts. We sought out friends, new and old, to help manifest this concept and see if we could bring some new ideas into the light. After a year's time, we are still working on making our mark.

We've watched each other grow and thrive as creative individuals and designers, helped each other make new things, and got to know some new great forces in our lives. Over the next few months, we'd love to dive head first into these endeavors and continue to make them grow. As I research business plans and developmental details, these original values continue to swell with importance. 

In the future, we'd like to continue to organize events, jump over societal hurdles, and most importantly open doors for each other and new Misfits to keep creating. We plan to hold seminars where we teach young creatives new skills. We're also planning ways to help members recycle old pieces and trade them in for something new, beautiful, and awesome. 

Please stick with us as we continue to grow and support us if you can. We truly want the best for each other, artists, and the world and we plan to make our mark here.