2015: A Year for Rising Up To Be a True Mermaid

Welcome to 2015, a year I am devoting to change of mind, change of heart, and making decisions I once lacked the courage to make. 


If you are alive, I am certain you have experienced certain bouts where you lacked motivation, artistic guidance, and a feeling that the universe is truly working on your behalf. I've experienced many years like this but 2014 was an extremely difficult one for me. I grew to resent my creative endeavors because I truly believed if I tried and did not succeed to my fullest potential, that I was a failure and would not be able to move on. I took some time off to rejuvenate, find some inspirations, and try to combat a depression I didn't feel like I was quickly overcoming.

I ended this past year feeling uncertain but certainly on the brink of a new beginning. I feel ready to achieve new goals and defeat setbacks that a year ago had sent me into a fit of tears. I feel ready to achieve something this year.


I am working hard to channel those who inspire me creatively, use my resources, and most of all, try things I never thought I would. 

Things I plan on doing in 2015:

Screen print my own t-shirts!

Use Instagram and the internet world to make more great connections

Make some music with some great creative friends!

Make more time to be creative, and don't let life stand in the way of that

Work with even MORE creative individuals I already know and love.

Do more pop-up shops, photo shoots, collaborative projects!!

Make this site as awesome as possible

Talk about my feelings more honestly

Spend time with the people I love! 



Stay tuned for what this year brings and thanks always for supporting the Misfits!