Spring 1976

February has been a month filled with snowy nights, icy streets, and wind you hear through the windows. Nonetheless, March is here with the hope of spring. I am absolutely anxious to peel away a few layers and embrace the new trends I'm so excited to see hit the streets this year! 

We've been busy creating art, clothing, and plans for the future and can't wait to start shooting these amazing pieces. Here is a little collage of some of my favorite things I've been working on this month! 


This image includes (clockwise): Testors paints I've been trying out on some awesome leather Chelsea boots! Bell bottoms I designed and sewed with the help of Melissa Johnson! Sketch of Patti Smith, a sort of figure/character study of her. Fabrics for our next collection (so much more as well) Melissa and I picked out at Jomar. and left center: Some old men's jeans I found lying around and decided to write the lyrics to Gloria: In Excelsis Deo on them!

Image from John Varvatos: Rock in Fashion

Image from John Varvatos: Rock in Fashion

I've been so inspired by the amazing looks at NY and London Fashion Weeks but my 70's feelings have been brewing for some time now. Patti is obviously one of my greatest muses, but I've always been excited by the 70's looks of David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger, Nico, and so many other amazing rock stars. I picked up the book John Varvatos: Rock in Fashion. It's filled with photos of rock and rollers in their great wardrobe pieces, highlighting them by accessories, jackets, patterns, and more. 

John Varvatos: Rock in Fashion

John Varvatos: Rock in Fashion

I've been collecting some of my favorite photos of rock stars my whole life and can truly relate to the great inspiration of musicians and artists into fashion. My dad is a radio DJ who has always been a great appreciator of Rock and Roll. My mom had a closet full of crazy clothes she would let my sister and I try on and inspired my love for vintage clothing by taking me to goodwill and salvation army on the weekends. My mom graduated high school in 1976, the bicentennial year! She has so many stories about saving up her money working at a bakery to but denim platform shoes. Her mom would sew her and her 5 brothers and sisters awesome clothes and eventually she would sew her own clothes! 

I am always so amazed by the way so many parts of life find their way together to create the things that are special to you as you grow up. It's truly like a formula that brings you to so many great solutions when cultivated and appreciated. 

I am so thrilled for the springtime, new big things, and the ability to wear my bell bottoms, suede jackets, and platforms. 

Photo of MC5 being badass, from John Varvatos: Rock in Fashion   

Photo of MC5 being badass, from John Varvatos: Rock in Fashion


Thank you for reading! 


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