My New Orleans Getaway

I recently returned from NOLA and it was amazing. My boyfriend's beautiful sisters and nieces live there and we were also joined by his super sweet parents.  We ate alligator, toured a swamp, got sunburn on a little island, celebrated a 6th birthday, visited a musical park, and saw some amazing music. I wish I were still on vacation. For real. Anyway, just wanted to share some photos of all the beautiful madness of the journey.

One of the first really striking things I loved about New Orleans was the beautiful architecture. It's really like another world.

We visited one of the cool cemeteries where the graves are all above ground and they are so ornate and beautiful. 

New Orleans has a great art museum with a beautiful sculpture garden. It was like paradise.

I got to hang with these adorable kids and this awesome family.

Took a swamp tour and saw some super cute animals swimming around!

I also traveled to Ship Island with this hunk.

Well, the sun always sets on a beautiful day. If you ever have the opportunity, definitely check out New Orleans. It's a gorgeous city with such lively culture. I truly can't wait to be back.

Thanks for checking it all out! 



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