Hi Friends!

Hope life is lovely for you all. Just wanted to do a little life update. 

This year started out slow, sick, and soft. I began this year thinking I truly wanted to take my designs in a new direction but I wasn't really sure where to go. My main desire is to embrace an era of womanhood I've never designed before. Camille introduced me to Erte and gave me a book of his brilliant fashion designs and I immediately was taken with inspiration. So this year I decided to design in the art deco-1920's style.

I am inspired by color this year. The colors and textures of butterflies and moths, fruit and flowers.

One thing I love about Erte is his unapologetic approach to the ornate and beautiful. I'm excited to mix amazing patterns, colors, and textures and just watch fun happen.  

Melissa, Camille, and I have a fabric trip planned for this week so hopefully we will find lots of magical things! We are planning a fun retreat this summer and I can't wait until flights are booked and things become super official to share. Also, I'm going to Nashville this year with my family so I'm hoping to be inspired by some Tammy Wynette vibes down there! Let's make some beauty this year together <3




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