What an amazing time we had at Rock & Roll Forever! Friday, May15, 2015 we held our 4th Pop-up Shop at Tattooed Mom, hands down the coolest bar in Philadelphia. Tattooed Mom helped us celebrate our favorite rock stars and the clothing we created, that was inspired by them.

The show included work from nine female artists, including sparkling looks from Maddie Highland of Glamor Creatures, Bell bottoms and painted platforms by Aubrey Loftus, Asian inspired couture looks by Melissa Johnson Designs, rock star paper dolls by Camille Moser, Punk rock patches by Michelle Krysztofiak, badass photography by Rosie Simmons, Purple Rain boots painted by Katie Batten, and paintings of their favorite rockers, Jack White and Freddie Mercury by Sarah Holley & Suzy Hechme. 

The walls were flanked with Tattooed Mom's signature graffiti and life size cut-outs of Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Stevie Nicks, Debbie Harry, and our favorite, Prince. Our guests were dressed to the nines in the favorite band tees and rock and roll looks. The show was a wonderful success and we look forward to where this great event will lead us!